Webinar “Building Professional Relationships Via Online Video”

Whether you’re learning, managing a project or looking for business partners, personal relationships matter in our professional lives. But in the suddenly-fully-online world, some of the tools we’ve come to rely on – such as handshakes, eye contact and body language – are suddenly missing or profoundly changed.

So, how can we continue to build personal connections on online video calls? In this highly-interactive session, you’ll learn and practice some specific approaches that work.

NOTE: This is not a ‘talk’! Participants of the webinar will be playing an active role and must expect to be heard and seen.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED: to take part in this interactive webinar, please fill in a short registration form via the LINK until 7 July 2020. Participation is free of charge and open for the Forum members, supporters, experts, and everyone interested.



Anna Sevortian, Executive Director of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum will talk on Europe's ... "values-based" foreign policy and the need for civil society involvement.
With @kvhkvh1, @ECDPM and @bertram_lang,
On 24.05 at 14 h.
Registration: https://crm-gate.boell.de/crm/anonurl.php?u=43653

Преследования 🏳️‍🌈 ЛГБТИ+ в России: нарастающие ... репрессии 2021-2022

В международный день борьбы с гомофобией, трансфобией и бифобией АДЦ "Мемориал" публикует обзор репрессивных практик российского государсва против ЛГБТИ+ в 2021-22 годах.



Хотя женщины участвовали в войне во многих ролях, ... включая боевые, традиционная гендерная картина не изменилась - 35 участников онлайн-дискуссии обсудили роль женщин на войне.
@femagainstwar #ukrainewomen #WARINUKRAINE #StandWithUkraine