Public Discussion: 75 Years Since – ‘Blindspots’ in World War II History

The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and its history programme Confronting Memories continues its series of discussion on World War II and ongoing socio-political debates on postwar memory-making. In this discussion we shall look into three geographical ‘blindspots’ in WWII history with topics which have not been discussed adequately: North Africa, Middle East and South America.


Team 🇮🇸Iceland is grateful to @CURE_coe (Campaign to Uphold Rights in Europe) for letting us ... participate in today’s civil society reflection on the future of the Council of Europe &
how @coe can more effectively protect human rights & #democracy in the region!

The formal part starts. Waiting for the handshake with Minister Di Mario - in a breathtaking place. ... After yesterday's invigorating Civil Society event I hope for a truly meaningful Ministerial Conference 🇮🇹🇪🇺 #CoE

Arrived in Turin for the Ministerial Conference of the #CoE which will be a challenging one. We need... to strengthen our democratic institutions. So first thing I am at the meeting of @CURE_coe to discuss how to build democratic resilience and what Civil Society expects now.