Clash of memories: 75 years after the end of World War II

Online video screening and discussion

WWII remains one of the most painful and conflicting episodes of the European nations’ memories. Present time conflicts are embedded in history and in the use of history as a political tool. In order to understand the roots of present conflicts, to overcome prejudices and stereotypes, we need to deal with history.

We will screen the short film “Clash of Memories: 75 years after the end of WWII in Europe” and talk about the different perceptions of remembrance in the present and past in different European regions.


Anna Sevortian, Executive Director of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum will talk on Europe's ... "values-based" foreign policy and the need for civil society involvement.
With @kvhkvh1, @ECDPM and @bertram_lang,
On 24.05 at 14 h.

Преследования 🏳️‍🌈 ЛГБТИ+ в России: нарастающие ... репрессии 2021-2022

В международный день борьбы с гомофобией, трансфобией и бифобией АДЦ "Мемориал" публикует обзор репрессивных практик российского государсва против ЛГБТИ+ в 2021-22 годах.


Хотя женщины участвовали в войне во многих ролях, ... включая боевые, традиционная гендерная картина не изменилась - 35 участников онлайн-дискуссии обсудили роль женщин на войне.
@femagainstwar #ukrainewomen #WARINUKRAINE #StandWithUkraine