European NGOs, including member organisations of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum – such as the Citizens’ Network Watchdog and the Stefan Batory Foundation from Poland, call on EU institutions to establish the Instrument to Support European Values in Europe and seek for signatures from European NGOs.
The current value crisis in the European Union is largely associated with the growing nationalist and populist sentiment. Both new and old EU Member States face this problem. One of the root causes is the lingering negative attitude towards the very concept of the EU among a large number of Europeans.

42% of Poles and French and 45% of Italians aged 16-26 do not believe that democracy is the best form of government;
45% of EU citizens believe that democracy is not working well in the EU;
Only 36% of EU citizens declare they trust the EU and have positive associations with the EU;
59% of EU citizens perceive a growing popularity of ‘anti-establishment’ parties as a threat;
80% of EU citizens believe that more engagement is needed from policy makers at the EU level in order to promote democracy more effectively.< Sources:
Special Eurobarometer 451 (2016) – Future of Europe
Standard Eurobarometer 86 (2016) – Public opinion in the European Union

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