EU-Russia Civil Society Forum Marks GivingTuesday with #GivingxForum Campaign in Solidarity with Russia-based Human Rights Defenders

In the run-up to this year’s GivingTuesday, EU-Russia Civil Society Forum launches a solidarity campaign in support of human rights defenders in Russia. With #GivingxForum, the association aims to raise 3,500 Euros to provide a Russia-based rights activist with a fellowship at a safe destination within the Forum’s Solidarity Programme. 

Over the last years, the Global Day of Giving, in 2021 being marked on 30 November,  has been growing in its reach, impact and diversity. No matter where they are, people are using GivingTuesday to connect, give back and inspire each other to do good in a plethora of ways. 

Through #GivingxForum, EU-Russia Civil Society Forum aims to show that solidarity allows people and organisations to reach each other across borders and make an impact. If the campaign’s target of 3,500 Euros is reached, it will enable the Forum’s Solidarity Programme to provide a human rights defender with safe and decent living conditions within a month-long fellowship. Anyone can support the #GivingxForum campaign with the amount of their liking using their credit card or PayPal account:

‘The space for civil society is shrinking all over Europe. Activists and NGOs work under growing pressure. Today we launch #GivingxForum – our campaign to show solidarity with the civil society active in Russia and the region. Help us celebrate and support individuals and groups standing up for common rights and values everyday,’ says Anna Sevortian, Executive Director of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.

On GivingTuesday, people demonstrate generosity and show solidarity in many ways. Whether they support a community organisation, subscribe to monthly donations for an NGO they trust or do a shoutout about #GivingTuesday on their social media, it all counts, and it all has an impact. Last year, almost $2.5 bln were raised in 125 countries on GivingTuesday, and this is but a part of its outcome. 

EU-Russia Civil Society Forum will use its social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to talk about the diverse ways people can do good and the marvellous things NGOs and charities do with help from the broader civil society. We encourage our friends and readers to share their stories under the hashtag #GivingxForum.

Anyone can support the #GivingxForum campaign with the amount of their liking using a credit card or a PayPal account: .

More details about the GivingTuesday movement are available at the GivingTuesday website, Facebook and Twitter pages and through the #GivingTuesday hashtag on Twitter.