In 10 and 11 July, 2020, an online seminar took place in the framework of the history programme of the Forum. The project called “Different Wars: Talking about WWII with teachers and societies” is a continuation of a successful exhibition “Different Wars: National School Textbooks on WWII”. The exhibition tackles different interpretations of WWII found in the history school textbooks in six countries. This time the organisers of the project aim to create innovative history lessons on WWII using multiperspectivity approach. The lesson topics on WWII will unite teaching materials from Belarus, Germany, Poland and Russia.

During the online workshop, the history teaching professionals from the four participating countries agreed on the topics, which would later become lesson units for two age groups: 14-15 years of age and 17-19 years of age school students. The history lesson units and additional materials prepared by the experts, will be uploaded on the specially developed online portal available for history teachers at schools and other (informal) educative institutions.

In November 2020, the winter school for teachers from Belarus, Germany, Poland and Russia will be organised in Morawa, Poland, where teaching materials will be tested. The winter school will also combine visits to the memorial places of WWII, namely Krzyzowa and Gross Rosen concentration camp.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany and will run until 31 March 2021. The partners of the project are the History Workshop Leonid Levin, Minsk, Belarus, Youth Memorial, Perm, Russia (Forum member), the Jan Nowak-Jezioranski College of Eastern Europe, Wroclaw, Poland (Forum member) and the Secretariat of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.