This September, the D’EST Association organised the 10th Ateliers for the exchange of experience between representatives of Russia and France.

Eight school teachers, social educators, NGO heads and representatives of local administrations and regional ministries from Moscow, Krasnogorsk, Yekaterinburg, Kaluga Region, and Yakutia took part in the Ateliers. The Ateliers were held in Paris and Grenoble from September 16 to 20 and aimed to exchange best practices on social pedagogy.

The participants visited the French Ministry of Education, where they discussed the national approach to schooling children and adolescents in a disadvantaged situation, and the City Hall of Paris, where they were told about the French approaches to the social pedagogy. The group spent three days in the Department of Hautes-de-Seine, where they visited the Social Center, several colleges, and orphanages, and had meetings with social educators, trainers and mediators. On the last day of the program, the Russian educators visited Grenoble, where they studied the mechanisms of working with children and adolescents in a difficult situation. The group attended school lessons and met teenagers – migrants and refugees, after which a representative of the Education Center told participants about various programs, including the inclusion program.

The project was supported by the French Embassy in Russia and was held in partnership with the German organization MediaOst.

Other Ateliers organized by the D’EST associations include such topics as urbanism and municipal government, socio-cultural integration of migrants, integration of migrant children and refugees, journalism, and others.