EU-Russia Summit: Progress report agreed by the coordinators of the EU-Russia Partnership for Modernisation 

June 9, 2011

“ (…) In the priority area of promoting people-to-people contacts and enhancing dialogue with civil society, it was agreed to continue existing higher education cooperation and youth exchange programmes. The coordinators welcome the contribution of civil society of the EU and Russia to the development of the Partnership and not the importance of intensifying joint work on projects and activities that facilitate dialogue with the civil society. They welcome in particular the founding of an independent EU-Russia Civil Society Forum in March 2011, and the activities planned for the near future by the European Economic and Social Committee and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, as well as the recent launch of the think tank DER: Dialogue-Europe-Russia. Coordinators look forward to increased exchanges with these fora. (…) ” (p.3)

Gunnar Wiegand, Director European External Action Service, European Union
Andrei Slepnev, Ministry of Economic Development, Russian Federation