On 29 June – 3 July 2022, the Forum’s historical memory and education programme Confronting Memories hosted a meeting in Chișinău, Moldova as part of its project “Talking History, Talking Future”. The international expert group of history educators and historians from Germany, Moldova, Poland and Russia were joined online by methodological experts from EuroClio to work on a guide for teachers on the use of memorial sites in history education. 

Alongside the working sessions, visits to local memorial sites were organised: the Romanian Cemetery of Honour, the Eternity Memorial Complex and the Șerpeni Memorial Complex are just some of the sites that were visited. The group learned about the legacy of WWII in Moldova, including the importance of the Iași-Chișinău Offensive of 1944. Talking about more recent history, they also discussed the ongoing war against Ukraine and the hundreds of thousands of refugees that have passed through Moldova over the past months. 

The event highlighted the importance of in-person meetings, despite many events being able to take place online. Coming together in the same room leads to a different, more honest and open form of exchange, which is particularly important in today’s divided world.

The next event in the Confronting Memories programme will be a Summer School in Lodz, Poland in mid-August. There, the methodological guide will be presented to a focus group of European history educators, who will give feedback to the expert group, and visits to local museums and memorial sites will be organised.