Representatives from the Working Group Civic Education participated in a study tour in Tallinn that took place on 15-18 May. The event was supported with the Forum’s grant. 17 different NGOs from Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany and Poland took part in the event. The study tour was organised in partnership with youth association ‘Open Republic‘ (Estonia).

The event was held in a form of a civic education lab. This study tour was dedicated to issues of education on political repression in the USSR. 

Participants have visited the Integration Foundation, the Open Estonia Foundation, the Estonian Institute of Memory, Estonian Institute of Memory, Kistler-Ritso Estonian Foundation, a memorial devoted to the victims of the communist regime, an exhibition center at «Battery prison» in Tallinn and also a museum of occupation and freedom Vabamu.

‘Issues with historical memory are very complex, controversial and painful for all countries and societies. I am glad that Estonia is doing a serious work to learn the history of political repression, commemoration of victims and education in this field not only through governmental organisations but also NGOs,’ says Andrei Suslov, coordinator at the Working group ‘Civic Education’.

The Civic Education Lab aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Working Group by increasing the number of opportunities to share and exchange best practices on civic education. The Study Tour was designed to help to expand the network of contacts and enhance cooperation between the CSF members and Estonian NGOs that will allow to launch new joint Russian-European projects both, amongst the members of the Working Group and together with other interested organizations.