German-Russian Exchange on behalf of the EU-Russian Civil Society Forum (CSF) hereby invites young professionals of the CSF member organisations to apply for a 3-month internship within the framework of a youth exchange programme between the EU and Russia. Through the internship, young professionals from CSF member organisations will get acquainted with their potential partners from other forum member organisations, research on collaborative projects and prepare for project implementation in the future. The aim of the programme is to develop and broaden interaction and collaboration between the EU and Russia member organisations. The results of the project will be published and presented during the General Assembly 2013 of the CSF.

Internship conditions 

The programme offers six internships of up to 3 months in duration between March and May 2013 (exact timeframe may be slightly adjusted).  Three young Russian specialists working in an NGO of the CSF will each complete an internship under an EU partner organisation of personal choice and similarly three young EU specialists under the CSF will have the opportunities for internships with Russian partner organisations of their choice. The programme will provide the interns with an allowance of 300 EUR per month and cover travelling costs up to 370 EUR.

Internship criteria and application requirements

We encourage young professionals (20-35 years old) from the member organisations of the CSF to apply for the internship. The prospective participant should: 

• apply jointly with a CSF member organisation where internship is to be hosted. Russian members should look for an European organisation and vice versa
• submit a draft of a collaborative project idea (2 pages max.) that the candidate intends to develop during the internship at the partner organisation. The project should revolve around the focus areas of the Forum’s Working Groups
• obtain an internship confirmation letter and any necessary agreement documents from a partner organisation 
• provide a letter of the candidate’s working organization that confirms the applicant belongs to the organization and indicates the readiness to send him/her to complete the internship in the partner organisation. This letter must be signed by the leader of the organization.
• good knowledge in English, Russian would be an advantage

How to apply

Please submit your application in PDF format (project proposal, CV, motivation letter) in electronic form by the deadline of November 19th, 2012 to the project coordinator Kristina Smolijaninovaite at this email address: 

Candidates will be selected by December 14th, 2012. The jury comprises the Coordinators of the Forum’s Working Groups and the Steering Committee.  

For any enquiry, please contact the abovementioned project coordinator. 

Download call for application