The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF) announces a call for applications for support of joint projects of CSF members within the framework of a new CSF Sub-Grant Programme. The CSF Sub-Grant Programme is part of the Forum’s current project “Continuation and Development of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum” implemented in 2014-2015 by the CSF Consortium and supported by the European Commission. It is subject to EC sub-grant rules.

The programme’s objective is provision of financial support for implementation of maximum 6 joint projects with a sum of up to € 16,000 each. As a rule, the projects submitted for the sub-grant competition have to be elaborated within six existing CSF Working Groups (WG). The application of more than one project by one WG is possible but the sub-grants shall be usually provided for the support of maximum one project proposed by one WG. The submission of applications for support of interdisciplinary projects from the CSF members from two or more WGs is welcome as well. All the projects should be discussed within Working Groups prior to their submission and formally nominated by WG coordinators for a review by the jury of sub-grant competition. Approval of the projects by the WGs is not needed. Should there occur a lack of applications submitted from every WG or should the submitted applications show low quality, the jury may take – as an exception – a decision in favour of two grants awarded for projects elaborated within the same WG. 

Terms and Conditions:

·         Applications should be submitted on behalf of one CSF member organisation which has been appointed /mandated by the project initiators as a legal entity responsible for signing the sub-grant contract, implementing the project, responsible for expenditures and preparation of narrative and financial reports.
·         Only CSF member organisations can act as applicants.  
·         Projects must be discussed within one of the CSF’s WGs prior to the submission of applications. WG members should be informed about  projects by their initiators. They may request feedback and advice from WG members but no formal approval of projects by the WG members is needed. After discussion in WGs the projects are to be formally nominated by the WG Co-ordinator(s). The nominations will serve to confirm the fact of the discussion of the project within WGs.
·         The proposed project is expected to involve at least three Russian NGOs and three NGOs based in EU member states.
·         As a rule, all NGOs involved in the project implementation shall be member organisations of the CSF. As an exception, an inclusion of maximum one CSF non-member organisation from the EU and maximum one CSF non-member organisation from Russia in the number of implementing organisations is possible; this relates especially to projects which are aimed to improve the thematic network or to involve new organisations in the work of the CSF or the WG. These arguments should be precisely explained in the project application. In that case, the number of CSF member organisations may be reduced to 2 organisations from the EU side and 2 organisations from the Russian side.
·         The proposed project must aim at addressing problems relevant for both Russia and the EU and be in line with the goals of the CSF as outlined in its founding documents.
·         The proposed project must include at least one physical working meeting of involved participants and at least one public event, thematically linked to the project.
·         The proposed project should build ground for enhancing further co-operation between Russian and EU NGOs after its completion. This should be reflected in the application.
·         Applications must be prepared in accordance with the application forms of the competition, including administrative information on the project applicant and participants, narrative description of the project, and budget details.
·         The amount of funding requested from the CSF must not exceed EUR 16,000.
·         Proposed projects are to be implemented between June 2014 and May 2015. They should run for not less than 6 months and no longer than 12 months.  
·         Upon completion of the projects, each project’s representatives will take part in a final Project meeting in Berlin in 2015, together with the CSF Steering Committee and the Consortium members. The Sub-grant projects and their results will be presented at a public event and in a common publication the project representatives have to contribute to.
·         Project results will be also presented at the CSF General Assembly in 2015.

Application Submission:

Deadline: May 31, 2014, 10 p.m. CET, 12 p.m. MSK

·         Applications can be submitted in either Russian or English
·         Applications must be prepared in accordance with the CSF Sub-Grant Programme application forms published on the CSF website (Application Form, Budget Proposal)
·         Documents confirming the official registration of the applying organisation must be submitted along with the application (a scanned copy in the original language certified by the signature of the organisation’s head is required. No translation or notarial certification is required.)
·         Application documents are to be sent by e-mail to the CSF Secretariat at "Application for the Sub-grant Competition" must be specified as the subject of the e-mail letter.

Submitted materials will not be returned.

Decision-Making Process:

Projects submitted will be considered by a jury composed within the Sub-grant Programme by the Steering Committee. The following criteria will be used during the review process:
·         Compliance of the application with the formal requirements
·         Correspondence of the project with the goals of the CSF as outlined in its founding documents
·         Relevance of the project for both the EU and Russia
·         Participation of both EU and Russian member organisations
·         Feasibility of the proposed activities
·         Realistic budget proposal (while creating a budget it is expected to fill in the budget template according to the project activities and needs and not to exceed the expenditures normally borne by the applicant)
·         Potential for enhancement of co-operation between EU and Russian NGOs and continuation of their joint work after formal completion of project
·         Additional funding and involvement of non-member organisations of the CSF will be considered an advantage. Non-member organisations may not act as applicants.

The jury of the competition may contact the project applicants and propose them to amend the application or the budget.

The jury’s decision will be announced on June 16, 2014 and published on the Forum’s website. The Secretariat will inform applicants individually using their contact information indicated in the application.

Project Contracts

Formal contracts on implementation of the projects will be signed with the winner organisations of the competition. The German-Russian Exchange (Berlin, Germany) acting as an administrator of the Sub-Grant Programme on behalf of the CSF will sign the contract as second party.

Approved funding will be paid in two instalments: the first instalment will be transferred two weeks upon the completed signing of the contract (date of bank transfer); the second one – within three weeks upon the approval of the project interim report which is to be submitted upon completion of the first half of the project.

During the projects’ implementation, interim and final narrative and financial reports will have to be submitted in accordance with reporting forms included in the contracts. Reports are to be submitted in English.

The CSF Secretariat and the Head of CSF Project consortium, the German-Russian Exchange, reserves the right to monitor the implementation of sub-grant-projects by reviewing samples of the projects’ documentation, evaluation of texts and public events, interviews with project staff and members of the Working Groups or organisations involved in the project.

The CSF reserves the right to publish information on the implementation of the supported projects.

For more information please contact:

Secretariat of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum
Kristina Smolijaninovaitė
Project Co-ordinator
Tel. +49-30-44668012