From 27 September to 2 October the working group on Gender Equality organises its second Study Tour on the topic „Arts as a tool of civic education“. The project host is the Berlin-based organisation of Russian speaking LGBTQ* people Quarteera e.V.

The study tour aims at improving group members’ skills in creative civic education tools, trying out best case practices for further implementation in organisations and within the Forum, increasing the visibility of the Gender Equality Working Group and fostering further cooperation between the group members as well as their active participation in the Forum’s work.

Among the participants are Berlin-based Dekabristen e.V., The Green Light for the Civil Initiatives Foundation from Bulgaria, Human Rights Youth Education Network from Belgium, CAAT Projects from the Netherlands, Center for Social and Labor Rights, Russian LGBT Network and Centre for Legal Programmes Leonid Nikitinsky from Moscow, Ivanovo Gender Studies Center and Interactive Art Works from St. Petersburg.

Due to the pandemic, this Study Tour is going to take place as a video conference between EU-based and Russia-based participants.

Apart from the educational part on civic education tools, both EU-based and Russia-based groups are going to meet with other member organisations of the Forum — in Berlin and in Moscow.

The results of the Study Tour will be documented and shared within the Forum. Stay tuned!

Svetlana Shaytanova

Project coordinator, Quarteera e.V.