About the project:

«ANTISTAMP» is an educational project aimed at decreasing the popularity of racist ideas and at promoting the values of peace culture and diversity among high school students.

Project news are available at (in Russian): https://vk.com/antistamp

In the framework of the project we:

  • Create a team of volunteers, who advance their skills at seminars by learning how to conduct trainings/workshops in the field of anti-discrimination and tolerance;
  • Conduct workshops in schools, within the German-Russian Exchange platform and in summer camps;
  •  Participate and involve schools in the international anti-racist actions “STOPRACISM” and in the campaign “Kristallnacht – never again!”;
  •  Develop a stable cooperation among schools on these topics.

Planned events:

  1. Workshop for trainers "Introduction to Training: Basics of informal education”,14-15 February 2013 (Joern Kaufhol
  2. Master-class peer to peer "Philosophic and methodical approaches in the sphere of tolerance, intercultural communication and anti-discrimination”, 25 February 2013, 13:00-18(19):00
  3. Seminar on humanitarian anti-fascism with representatives of the International Human Rights Movement. Design and development of wokshops for schools, 8-11 March 2013
  4. Action “Stop racism”, 21 March 2013, cartoons on xenophobia
  5. Creative methodologies to work with the topic “The art of understanding the other (stranger)”: My attitude towards others (strangers)? My perception of others? Me in a role of a Stranger…, 13-14 April 2013
  6. Series of workshops in schools during classroom hours or after-school events,end of March – April – May 2013
  7. Analysis of the realized workshops in schools, end of May 2013
  8. Seminar with volunteers from The Network for Democracy and Courage, NDC https://www.netzwerk-courage.de/web/40.html Exchange of experience, development and testing of a one-day workshop, end of June 2013
  9. One-day workshops in children’s camps with the assistance of international volunteers, July-August 2013
  10. Master-class according to the methodology of forum theatre (Theatre of the Oppressed of Augusto Boal). Methodology of active negotiation of discrimination. Escape from the observer or victim roles to an active position. https://www.forumtheater-rabenschwarz.de/ueber.html. End of September 2013
  11. Workshops and out-of-school events in 3 schools, October-November 2013
  12. Debriefing. Events in line with the action "Kristallnacht – never again!“: Meeting with representatives of schools and NGOs that work in the sphere of anti-discrimination. Presentation of workshops in schools of St. Petersburg for form teachers and deputy principals for educational work. Searching for further partners. Watching movies, teaching, creative actions in all 5 schools, 9-16 November 2013
  13.  Wrap-up meeting. Analysis of experiences and perspectives for the future.

German-Russian Exchange (St. Petersburg) is member of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum since 12.11.2012