We were overwhelmed to have received 23 very interesting applications from our Forum members on many different topics: current affairs in Russia, Russian-Czech relations, the justice systems in Poland and Russia, the case of Yuri Dmitriev and the “Gulag Memory War” in Russia, public participation in local self-government, gender equality and still existing walls in society, de-/militarisation of the Baltic Sea, youth activism in Germany, Poland and Russia, women in war and conflict zones, pressure and hate speech against environment defenders, combating violence and harassment at work, climate change, safe space for activists in Siberia, local history, religious minorities, sustainable development and civic participation, civic education for teachers and youth workers, civil society in the Russian regions, civil education of students in post-COVID-19 reality, eco transportation in Russia and the EU and teaching common values. This variety shows once again how diverse the Forum is! Unfortunately, we couldn’t support all proposals; still we are happy that 11 projects will be implemented within the Anniversary year.

In April 2021, we start the celebration with a project on local self-governance in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Russia. Then, in May, we continue online with films about walls in society and how we can break such walls. We have another online event in May which will bring youth from Germany, Poland and Russia together to work on common projects. Afterwards we’ll travel to Hungary where we’ll talk about ecological ways of transportation in Russia and in the EU. After that, we’ll travel (of course ecologically friendly!) to Moscow where our members are organizing an event on how to end violence and harassment in the work place. Afterwards, we will stay in Russia, seeing as in the summer, there will be an event on how civil society can be active in the Russian regions. In September, we’ll play a game on our common human values. In October, we’ll commemorate the 15th anniversary of the murder of the brave journalist Anna Politkovskaya and we’ll think of how to protect, support and show solidarity with women human rights defenders in conflict zones. After that, we’ll work on the bilateral relations between Russia and the Czech Republic. In November, we’ll travel to Bulgaria and raise our voice against hate speech and which role media play in this topic, and in our last event, we’ll finally reach Siberia where we will create a safe space for civil society actors in Siberia and in the Russian Far East.

We’ll announce the events on our channels, so stay tuned, take part and celebrate the Forum’s members and civil society together!