At the last meeting of the working group Citizenship Education in the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum in Brussels, Annegret Wulff completed her work as coordinator. Largely due to Annegret this working group was established and meetings were held in Sankt Petersburg (2013), Haag (2013) and Tallinn (2014).  By an active support from the organization MitOst (Berlin), in which Annegret Wulff is the coordinator of the programs of Active Citizenship, the first joint projects of the working group were held – a workshop on methods of civil education (Prague 2014) and an information trip to the European Commission (Brussels 2015). We’re grateful for Annegrets enthusiasm in developing relations between Russia and EU, for her personal contribution to the group and we hope that we’ll have a productive cooperation further on – in the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum as well as outside.
On 14 March 2015, Andrei Suslov, Director of the Centre for Civic Education and Human Rights (Perm), was chosen as the new coordinator of the working group.