The General Assembly 2013 will be held at the NH Hotel Den Haag. This 4* hotel is located at walking distance from the city centre of The Hague and very close to government and ministerial buildings (see the map below). Assembly participants will be accommodated in this hotel.

Most of the Forum member participants will have to share hotel rooms with other participants. In arranging this we will take into account compatibility (gender and whenever possible also background) and preferences indicated in the registration form. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi.


Please note that the Forum covers a maximum of 4 nights in the hotel for one participant per member organization. Meals during the Assembly are included. The Forum does not cover expenses for additional nights in the hotel, additional meals and local travel from and to the airport.


BY TRAIN: the easiest way to get from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to The Hague. The journey takes about 30-40 minutes. Two train stations in The Hague are located close to the hotel: Den Haag Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië (commonly called “Laan van NOI”) and Den Haag Central Station.

The train station at Schiphol Airport is conveniently located beneath the central hall (Schiphol Plaza). You can purchase a ticket at one of the yellow ticket machines or at the ticket office in the central hall (0,50 EUR service fee). A one way ticket to both the train stations indicated above costs 7,80 EUR. Direct trains to one or both of these stations depart seven times per hour on weekdays and four times per hour after 19:00 on weekdays and in weekends (every day until approximately 01:00). Trains to The Hague depart either from track 5 or track 6.

From the train stations in The Hague you could walk to the hotel or take a tram. A tram ticket can be bought from the driver: a one way ticket costs 3 EUR. The trams depart every 10 minutes and the trip takes 2 minutes.

  • From Den Haag Central train Station to the Hotel:
    An 11 minute walk or take one of the following trams:
    Line 3 in the direction of “Zoetermeer Centrum West”: stop “Beatrixkwartier” (first stop)
    Line 4 in the direction of “Zoetermeer Javalaan”: stop “Beatrixkwartier” (first stop)
  • From Train Station “Den Haag Laan van NOI” to the Hotel:
    A 7 minute walk or take one of the following trams:
    Line 3 in the direction of “Den Haag Loosduinen”: stop Beatrixkwartier (first stop)
    Line 4 in the direction of “Den Haag De Uithof”: stop Beatrixkwartier (first stop)

BY TAXI: we discourage you to take a taxi to The Hague. Taxi’s are extremely expensive: the price of a one way ride from the Airport to The Hague starts at about 55 EUR. In case you do decide to travel by taxi, make sure that you take one from the official taxi stop in front of Schiphol Plaza. Also make sure that you agree on a price before setting off.


Upon your arrival at the hotel you will be able to register at a special Forum registration desk. We kindly ask you to keep your travel documents (tickets and boarding passes), as they are necessary for registration.