Freedom of Expression, the Rule of Law and Civil Society in Russia

The number of independent media in Russia is shrinking with more outlets getting shut down recently. At the same time online media are not only gaining popularity they also start playing an ever more important role in public discourse with sites like Meduza and Snob reaching high citation indexes. More Russians now have access to the internet and name the web as the primary source of information which now competes with TV stations in popularity. Smaller web sites and bloggers in the regions start playing a role of a viable alternative to mainstream media.

How is the internet changing media environment in Russia? How can civil society actors benefit from those changes and use the power of the internet for their causes. Can the internet play an even more important role in supporting civil society and protecting freedom of speech?

The discussion organized by IREX Europe will feature a number of media experts including:
Alexei Kovalev Journalist, Blogger, Moscow, Russia
Alexander Ryklin Chief Editor,, Moscow, Russia
Anna Sharogradskaya Founder and Director, Regional Press Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Marina Litvinovich Media Expert, Blogger, Moscow, Russia