EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (Forum, or CSF) is a network of thematically diverse non-governmental organisations from Russia and the European Union, established as a bottom-up, non-partisan civic initiative. The Forum serves as a platform for members to engage in joint activities, articulate common positions, provide support and solidarity, and exert civic influence on policy- and decision-making on the (inter)governmental level. Driven by a vision of ‘the civil society beyond borders’, the Forum brings together organisations and people and therefore contributes to the integration between Russia and the EU, based on common values of pluralistic democracy, rule of law, human rights and social justice.

Members and supporters of the Forum are driven by a vision of ‘the civil society beyond borders’ – a joint future with a common political, economic, and cultural space. They share a belief that strong and vocal civil society plays a key role in peaceful and sustainable development of the European continent and in addressing common challenges and issues of public interest topical to both Russia and the EU.

The Forum serves as a platform for members and supporters in articulating common positions, providing support and solidarity, and exerting civic influence on governmental and intergovernmental relations. These goals are pursued by bringing together CSF members for joint projects, research and advocacy; by conducting public discussions and dialogues with decision-makers, and by facilitating people-to-people exchanges.

EU-Russia Civil Society Forum was officially launched at the Founding Meeting on 29 March 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic. As of today, the Forum has 192 member and supporter organisations from 19 EU member states, Great Britain and Russia.

To learn more on CSF activities, please watch our current Annual Report or read “Our Stories”.