The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF) offers the opportunity to choose between two statuses, CSF member and CSF supporter. If both statuses imply rights and responsibilities, the difference lays in the level of involvement and commitment of your organisation within the Forum’s activities.

According to the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum Charter (article 4): “Full membership is open to associations of persons and legal entities, in all cases from the EU or Russia, that wish to take an active part in the life of the Association.” They are further required :
 to pursue civil society aims
 to have been in existence for at least one year

Before applying for membership, please read about the full procedure in the Forum By-Laws.


If you are interested in joining CSF as a member or a supporter, please fill and submit the application form (if possible, in both English and Russian languages) and a logo of your organisation to info(at)

When receiving an application, the Secretariat evaluates whether the application form fulfill the requirements. In case of compliance, the Board shall evaluate the eligibility of the applicant according to the criteria set in the Charter and make a decision by majority vote (6/10).

The continued fulfilment of the requirements for admission will be reviewed by the Full Board at regular intervals of two years. If in the course of this review it emerges that the requirements for admission are no longer met, the member can be expelled from the association (4.4)

If the application is rejected, the Secretariat shall send the decision to the applicant without delay, including concrete reasons for the rejection. The negative decision shall also be sent to all Forum participants before the next General Assembly, where it shall either be confirmed or overturned by a simple majority vote.


Applicants and members may appeal the decisions on their admission. A Forum member can also be excluded by the Board according to the regulations set in the Forum By-Laws (article 4.7).