Dear CSF members and friends,

Last week the jury, comprised of some Steering Committee members and Working Groups coordinators, chose six young employees from the CSF member organisations to participate in the Youth Exchange Programme. Two young specialists are coming from the EU and four from Russia, involving 12 organisations from Italy, Poland, Germany and different Russian cities. Project ideas involve several work fields, for instance, ecology, practical implementation of the right of public information, civic engagement and communication. I am looking forward to the introductory seminar with all of them, which will take place in Moscow in March 18-19. 


Here are the names of the young specialists who take part in the Youth Exchange Programme:

1) Agnieszka Podgórska (Association of Leaders of Local Civic Groups, Warsaw) will do an internship with the Freedom of Information Foundation in St. Petersburg.

2) Ekaterina Blokova (Bellona, St. Petersburg) will do an internship with Legambiente in Rome.

3) Dorothea Stroh (German-Russian Exchange, Berlin) will do an internship with the Civic Engagement Institute in Perm.

4) Elina Jerenko (Grani, Perm) will do an internship with MitOst in Berlin.

5) Snezhana Frantsuzova (Civil Unity, Penza) will do an internship either with People in Need in Prague.

6) Yulia Markova (Citizen Watch, St. Petersburg) will do an internship with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Warsaw.


During the upcoming 4th General Assembly in Autumn 2013, the results of the abovementioned cooperation projects will be presented. I believe it will contribute to the benefits of the Civil Society Forum.

I wish everyone a good start in their projects!

Kristina Smolijaninovaite
Project Coordinator
German-Russian Exchange
for EU-Russia Civil Society Forum