Talks – Videos – Workshops – Concert

5-6 December 2019
Haus der Statistik, Dschungelküche
Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin

Not just in Prague, Sopron, Leipzig and, of course, Berlin, the year 2019 saw many people from all over Europe look back at the events of 1989. Perspectives and relations were put to the test again. What about the walls and borders that fell in 1989? Are they visible again today? How do we perceive freedom in Europe? And how is the spirit of 1989 embodied in the young generation 30 years later?

At the end of 2019, we will dance and celebrate as we remember, exchange and reflect on those events with “Reflecting Europe”, a mini-festival at the legendary Haus der Statistik at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.


Thursday, 5 December

7 pm:
What do we take with us from the year of remembrance 1989?
Interactive talk with authors of the “Reflecting Europe“ Dossier.

Which public discourses were dominant in 2019, who and what was polarizing and which topics remained unspoken? And what will we carry on to 2020?

8:30 pm:
Video Screenings
The Passport Power (Peter Mitchell, DE), Memory Walk (Annemarie Jensen, DK)

Friday, 6.12.2019

4 – 6 pm:
FREEDOM 2019. 3 Parallel Workshops
(Free participation. Please, register at olesia.vitiuk@eu-russia-csf.org):

I. Fight for your rights. DIY lab (with Verena Spilker, LGBT activist, artist, writer, Berlin)
II. Whom belongs the public space? (With Anton Valkovsky, curator, art historian, Wolgograd-Berlin)
III. Activism 2019 – where does it start? What is actionism? (With Daria Yakovleva, activist, Феминитив, Kaliningrad, and Stefan Werner, Volksinitiative Klimanotstand Berlin)

1989 and the beginning of the 1990s were key moments for civil society and citizen movements. Monday demonstrations, peace prayers, round tables, kitchens sit-ins, chains of people seem to remind us of these times of transformation. But what about civil disobedience, activism and political participation today? Young committed people from Berlin and Russia give practical insights into their work and show how each and everyone can stand up for freedom and rights in 2019.

7 – 9 pm:
Installation and talk
(with Daria Yakovleva, activist, feminist, Kaliningrad, and Marina Alexandra Mantay, EU representative of the District Mitte, Berlin)

Born in the turn of the year, they shape society, politics, media and culture in various regions of Europe today. We want to get to know the 1989 generation better and ask about their roots, limits, dreams, fears and visions.

Sound- and audio installations

9 – 10 pm:
(with Johannes Niehaus & Band, Wrocław)

Admission to all events is FREE.