On 12 October 2021, the Association for International Affairs (AMO) held an Anniversary Event on the EU-Russia relations during the past ten years and how the next ten years could look like. Different stakeholders, politicians and representatives of civil society organisations, think-tanks and different media outlets took part in the event which took place in Prague, Czech Republic.

The networking event and the discussion “Europe, the Czech Republic and Russia: where we have come and where to go next” focused on current events in the European and Czech-Russian relations and their development in the last decade and also on the place of civil society in recent years. In the discussion with Karel Schwarzenberg (former minister of foreign affairs of the Czech Republic) and Nela Larysova (EU-Russia Civil Society Forum) we opened up questions about the current state of relations between the EU and Russia and how should those relations look like in the future? What is the place of civil society in mutual relations and where can new opportunities and perspectives lie for their development or at least maintenance? How should Czech diplomacy react to the latest crisis in European and Czech-Russian relations, and what could change, so that it is better prepared for future crises and escalations in relations with Russia?

In the networking part, Pavel Havlíček, an analyst at the Research Center of the Association for International Affairs, also presented a new policy paper by the team of authors of the AMO Research Center “Czech-Russian relations after Vrbětice: old challenges, new perspectives”. During the discussion, the participants shared different views, experiences and examples of good practice on the part of the non-profit sector in the EU-Russia relations. The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, whose Anniversary the participants celebrated with this event, served as a bright example of good practices.